At sixteen years-old, Phil Willoughby rented a small event space in his home town of Sedalia, Missouri, and held his first public event for his High School. Since that time he has planned and coordinated events ranging from conferences and workshops for a few dozen attendees, to large scale events that have attracted over 5,000 participants. 

By day, Phil is as a litigation attorney.  Over the past decade Phil has represented numerous small businesses, including Kansas City designers, photographers, models, and companies in the fashion and entertainment industry.  With substantial leadership experience and vision for a united event in fashion for Kansas City, in 2010, Phil launched Kansas City Fashion Week, LLC.

KCFW is becoming the premier fashion event in the Midwest.  Phil’s diplomatic experience as a Missouri State Legislator and litigation experience as Partner at the law firm of Gunn, Shank & Stover, P.C., gave him a unique perspective on collaborating with all elements of the fashion industry and steering the company to continued success.  Phil relies heavily on KCFW’s President and the “A-list” planning committee which works tirelessly in the preparation of the events. He attributes the success of KCFW to the quality fashion industry leaders who have worked so hard to make such an effort possible in Kansas City.