Line Sheet Basics


So you developed your own collection and are ready to show it on the runway. Now what? If you want to get your designs onto the racks of boutiques and major retailers the next step is creating a line sheet. What is a line sheet?  A line sheet is an important tool for designers who are looking to sell their collections. Unlike a look book which showcases the visual elements of your collection in an artistic way, the line sheet provides quick and to the point information about your collection to buyers. 

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What is in a line sheet? 

What is great about a line sheet is the basics stay the same no matter who you are targeting, whether it is a small boutique or a large retailer. Each line sheet should include the following information: 

Your brand’s basics- Brand Name/logo, your name, contact information
Wholesale information - order minimum, how you accept payment, lead times, order cut off dates
Product information -

  • Style numbers - The style number can be anything you want. Typically it relates to the season of the collection such as SS for spring/summer, or AW for autumn/winter. 
  • Description - The description of your product needs to be brief and reference key points of the garments
  • Sizing - XS-XL, 00-16, etc. 
  • Variations - Does this garment come in different colors or patterns? 
  • Price - If you have pricing worked out for your garment you should include the wholesale price. We also recommend including the MSRP or suggested retail price for the garment. 

Now that you understand the basics you are ready to create your own line sheets! 

Bonus: We’ve included a line sheet template for you to get started!