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Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit service organization supporting the many individuals and businesses which comprise  the metropolitan fashion -related industry  by offering networking, development, and educational opportunities.

KCFC is the fashion-related business networking and educational "cooperative."

KCFC is a fashion-related business CO-OP. 

KCFC is the nexus of fashion and style related industries.

KCFC works to build the businesses and careers of those it serves.  The focus of our efforts is to provide a platform for networking and learning for individuals and businesses in all fashion and style related industries.


The KCFC alliance of professionals will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs in all fashion-related businesses to network with others  while advancing their skills, engaging in educational workshops and events, and building business referral sources.  

The History of Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc.

"What Happens When the Runway Goes Dark?"

Kansas City has a rich tradition and future in the fashion industry.  It has been, and  is,  home to many talented  fashion and accessory designers who have developed their craft and launched successful businesses.  For every successful designer that is able to generate enough income to earn a living, there are dozens of others without the knowledge or connections to develop their dream of success in the fashion industry.  It is very hard, demanding work to be a designer.  At times even the most talented of designers is unable to find the right combination of timing and vision to be successful.

But for every successful fashion designer, there are dozens of individuals and other businesses on whom the designer relies to produce a product to sell.  Any fashion designer will tell you that success for them doesn't happen in a vacuum.  Many people contribute to the final look that is bought by a consumer.  

In order for the fashion industry to be successful, those businesses that support the designers must also be successful.  From the retail establishments that carry the line of a designer, the photographers who develop their skills to present each look as designed, the style teams and make-up artists that capture the vision a designer has for their model, to the  models who are professional enough to walk a runway in such a way that gives life to a design, all are an integral part of making a designer successful.

Formed in 2014

Since its founding in 2014, Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc. has been slowly been taking shape.  Much thought and consideration has gone into its mission and function.  After deliberations with many industry leaders in Kansas City, it was determined an organization that focuses on providing networking and educational opportunities for all aspects of the fashion, style, and retail industry was needed.  Just as importantly, KCFC will provide those industry professionals a source for new business.  Salons, make-up artists, photographers and models will interact with apparel and accessory designers at any number of events. 


Distinguished Non-Profits

There are several wonderful non-profits in the area that already support various aspects of the fashion industry.  The most established of those is Fashion Group International - Kansas City, Inc. which has always been a cherished and vital part of the fashion scene in Kansas City.  Rightfully Sewn is another very prominent organization that provides integral leadership and service to designers in the Midwest.  Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc. is pleased to join the ranks of quality organizations like FGI-KC and RS, and looks forward to continuing to support the good work those invaluable groups perform.


The Nexus of the Industry

It is no secret that KCFC is a direct outgrowth of the success of Kansas City Fashion Week.  Twice each year thousands of people attend the runway shows of Kansas City Fashion Week.  The designers, style teams, photographers and models work together to produce a spectacular fashion experience.  But the question was asked about all those aspirational designers, salons and style teams, "What happens when the runway goes dark? How will all of these talented participants connect between shows to create business and share ideas? How will the designer meet the new salon owner? How will the photographer meet the experienced model?"

That is where KCFC comes in.  We are the organization that provides the opportunities for all individuals and businesses that make up all aspects of the fashion industry to meet and network and learn from each other.  KCFC will be a resource for ideas and business referrals so that each element of the Kansas City fashion industry is successful.  

Join us at one of our events or workshops. Let's create success together!